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Fixture notes:

Third column gives venue unless it shows TBA - then it is Home team shown first vs Away team second.

GNP (Game Not Played) means a team has postponed and it has to go before the League Committee.

Recent League Directory changes

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Team fixture official for Prestwood Colts U13 Div 1

Team Manager for Ruislip Rangers Blues U15 Div 2

Team fixture official for Wendover Juniors U14 Div 1

Team Manager for Wendover Juniors U14 Div 1

Team Manager for Holmer Green Minors U13 Div 2

Team Manager for Wendover Junior Colts U13 Div 4

Hughenden Valley Secretary

Farnham Royal Mavericks FC Club Welfare Officer

Farnham Royal Mavericks FC Chairman

Farnham Royal Mavericks FC

Farnham Royal Mavericks FC Secretary

No Extra Time will be given for cup games. Where scores are drawn at full time the result will go straight to penalties. This will bring certainty to pitch bookings as there will be no extra time.

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