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Results weekend 4th December 2016

PvP means the game was postponed and will be played another day. GNP means Game Not Played for another reason. Games marked GNP will not be played another day instead the points will be awarded by the committee.

Under 12's Division 1

Aylesbury United Juniors 1 v 4 Penn & Tylers Green FC
Harefield United Reds 2 v 5 Downley Dynamos
Prestwood Colts Result Not Received Chesham United Clarets
Wendover Juniors 2 v 5 Bedgrove Dynamos

Under 13's Dick Hopkins Memorial Cup 2nd Round

Hughenden Valley 5 v 0 Risborough Rangers Colts

Under 13's Dick Hopkins Memorial Cup 3rd Round

Bedgrove Dynamos Youth 3 v 7 Penn & Tylers Green FC
Chesham Athletic P v P Chinnor Youth
Delaford Colts 3 v 6 Chalfont Saints Lions
Haddenham Youth 2 v 3 Harefield United
Hughenden Valley/Risborough Rangers Colts P v P Bedgrove Dynamos
New Date TBA

Under 13's Division 1

AFC Lightning 1 v 10 Risborough Rangers
Boyne Hill Warriors 2 v 3 Wendover Juniors
Thame Boys 3 v 0 Holmer Green Minors

Under 13's Division 2

Bucks CC FC P v P Gerrards Cross & Fulmer
Chalfont Saints Sharks 2 v 4 Wycombe Saints FC
Prestwood Colts 3 v 3 Thame Youth
Risborough Rangers Youth 3 v 2 Downley Dynamos
Seer Green United 2 v 0 Widmer End United

Under 13's Division 3

Maidenhead Lions 0 v 6 Flackwell Heath Minors

Under 13's Division 4

Beaconsfield Town FC GNP Wendover Junior Colts
Crendon Corinthians P v P AFC Lightning Bolts
Marlow Town 4 v 0 Chalfont Saints Dynamos
Seer Green FC 4 v 1 Marlow Royals
Wycombe Saints Colts 2 v 4 Chalfont St Peter AFC

Under 13's Division 5

Chesham Athletic Colts 3 v 1 Chinnor Colts
Flackwell Heath Scorpions 3 v 1 Tring Tornadoes Tigers
Prestwood Hawks 1 v 6 Chesham United Youth
Risborough Rangers Colts P v P Marlow Oaks
Thame Colts 1 v 0 Downley Dynamos Vikings

Under 14's League Cup 3rd Round

Chalfont Wasps 6 v 5 Cookham Dean

Under 14's Mike Keen Memorial Cup 3rd Round

Aylesbury FC 1 v 2 Chinnor Youth
Aylesbury United Juniors 1 v 5 Harefield Youth Reds
Burnham Junior Cougars Red 8 v 4 Hughenden Valley
Chesham Athletic P v P Beaconsfield Town FC
Risborough Hawks 1 v 5 Risborough Rangers
Ruislip Rangers FC 4 v 1 Penn & Tylers Green FC Rangers
Thame Boys 4 v 3 Burnham Junior Cougars Green
Thame Youth 1 v 1 Langley Hornets
Langley Hornets win 5 - 4 on pens

Under 14's Division 1

Penn & Tylers Green FC P v P Downley Dynamos
Wendover Juniors P v P Taplow United Youth
Westwood Park FC Result Not Received Gerrards Cross & Fulmer

Under 14's Division 3

Berkhamsted Raiders Blue P v P Marlow Youth

Under 14's Division 4

AFC Lightning P v P Beaconsfield Town Athletic
Flackwell Heath Minors P v P Widmer End United
Harefield United 2 v 3 Chalfont Saints

Under 14's Division 5

Boyne Hill Tigers Result Not Received Crendon Corinthians
Marlow Royals GNP Bedgrove Dynamos Colts
Penn & Tylers Green FC Colts 2 v 1 Risborough Colts
Pitstone & Ivinghoe JFC P v P Hughenden Hawks
Widmer End Colts 0 v 4 Bourne End JSC

Under 15's Berks & Bucks County Cup 4th Round

Penn & Tylers Green FC 4 v 1 George Green Juniors
Southside United Titans 1 v 3 Amersham Town

Under 15's Division 1

Burnham Junior Tigers White 0 v 2 Ruislip Rangers FC
Haddenham Youth 3 v 1 Flackwell Heath Minors
Holmer Green Minors 0 v 2 Chalfont Saints Leopards
Thame Boys P v P Bourne End JSC

Under 15's Division 2

Aylesbury United Juniors 7 v 2 Boyne Hill Lions
Chalfont St Peter AFC 0 v 3 Langley Hornets
Crendon Corinthians P v P Beaconsfield Town FC
Prestwood Colts GNP Hughenden Valley

Under 15's Division 3

Berkhamsted Raiders Purple 8 v 2 FC Holyport
Bucks Pumas P v P Chalfont Saints Lions
Risborough Rangers 5 v 1 Naphill FC

Under 15's Division 4

Chesham Athletic 5 v 1 Bourne End JSC Colts
Chesham United Youth 0 v 3 Seer Green United
Downley Dynamos 9 v 2 Ruislip Rangers Colts
Marlow Town 1 v 2 Pitstone & Ivinghoe JFC

Under 15's Division 5

Bookerhill 0 v 6 Risborough Colts
Gerrards Cross & Fulmer 5 v 1 Tring Tornadoes White
Holmer Green Colts 0 v 4 Wendover Junior Colts

Under 16's Berks & Bucks County Cup 3rd Round

Burnham Junior Lynx White 2 v 0 Holmer Green Minors
Flackwell Heath Minors 2 v 2 Windsor FC Youth Mudlarks Blues
Flackwell Heath Minors win 4 - 3 on pens
Roman Rangers Youth Blues 1 v 4 St Johns FC
Tattenhoe Youth 1 v 5 Bucks CC FC

Under 16's Oxfordshire County Cup 3rd Round

Crowmarsh Youth Boys & Girls Tigers 3 v 7 Chinnor Youth

Under 16's Division 1

Harefield United 4 v 1 Thame Boys
Ruislip Rangers FC 3 v 1 Marlow Youth

Under 16's Division 2

Chesham United Youth 1 v 3 Bourne End JSC
Delaford Colts 2 v 0 Wendover Juniors
Explorers FC Result Not Received Downley Dynamos
Heathrow Club Youth GNP Widmer End United

Under 16's Division 3

Beaconsfield Town FC 1 v 1 Taplow United Youth
Bucks Pumas P v P Harefield United Whites
Penn & Tylers Green FC 2 v 3 Bedgrove Dynamos Youth
Tring Tornadoes Red 3 v 4 AFC Lightning

Under 16's Division 4

Bedgrove Dynamos 6 v 4 Seer Green United
Burnham Junior Lynx Red 9 v 0 Risborough Rangers
Flackwell Heath Scorpions P v P Hughenden Valley
Pitstone & Ivinghoe JFC P v P Naphill FC
Thame Youth 0 v 2 Berkhamsted Raiders Blue

Under 16's Division 5

Chalfont St Peter AFC P v P Lane End Youth
Chesham Athletic GNP Tring Tornadoes Blue
Chesham United Clarets 5 v 6 Crendon Corinthians
Widmer End Colts GNP Totteridge FC

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