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Results weekend 25th September 2016

Fixtures marked GNP include those where a team either did not register in time to play its first game, or did not have the minimum number of players registered in time. Fixtures Sunday

Under 12's Berks & Bucks County Cup 1st Round

Moretonville Junior Hurricanes Result not received Wendover Juniors
Wokingham & Embrook Black 4 v 2 Penn & Tylers Green FC

Under 12's 9x9 League

Aylesbury United Juniors 2 v 1 Chesham United Clarets
Prestwood Colts Result not received Harefield United Reds
Risborough Rangers 0 v 4 Downley Dynamos

Under 13's Berks & Bucks County Cup 1st Round

AFC Charvil GNP Penn & Tylers Green FC
Chalfont Wasps 0 v 4 Winslow United Juniors Lions
FC Buckingham Reds Result not received Prestwood Colts
Flackwell Heath Minors 0 v 9 Bracknell Town Surrey Youth
Maidenhead Lions Result not received Windsor FC Youth Harriers Galaxy
Risborough Rangers 0 v 3 Ascot United Youth
Sandhurst Town Boys & Girls Result not received Marlow Town
Tattonhoe Youth Panthers 2 v 4 Holmer Green Minors
Tattonhoe Youth Pumas 4 v 0 Chalfont Saints Sharks
Widmer End United Result not received Marlow Oaks
Wycombe Saints 9 v 2 Delaford Colts
Wycombe Saints Colts Result not received AFC Crowthorne Falcons

Under 13's Oxfordshire Ron Smith Cup 1st Round

Carterton Town Result not received Chinnor Youth

Under 13's Division 1

Thame Boys 1 v 6 Boyne Hill Warriors
Wendover Juniors 5 v 5 AFC Lightning

Under 13's Division 2

Bucks CC FC 1 v 1 Downley Dynamos
Risborough Rangers Youth 2 v 1 Gerrards Cross & Fulmer
Seer Green United 2 v 2 Thame Youth

Under 13's Division 3

Bedgrove Dynamos 4 v 3 Harefield United
Chesham Athletic 5 v 0 Seer Green FC
Haddenham Youth GNP Hughenden Valley
Risborough Rangers United GNP Crendon Corinthians

Under 13's Division 4

AFC Lightning Bolts GNP Risborough Rangers Colts
Chalfont St Peter AFC 2 v 7 Beaconsfield Town FC
Naphill FC Cancelled Chalfont Saints Lions
Naphill FC have withdrawn from the League
Under 13's Division 5

Bedgrove Dynamos Youth 5 v 3 Downley Dynamos Vikings
Chalfont Saints Dynamos 9 v 0 Tring Tornadoes Tigers
Chesham United Youth GNP Thame Colts
Flackwell Heath Scorpions 7 v 2 Chesham Athletic Colts

Under 14's Berks & Bucks County Cup 1st Round

Ascot United Youth Result not received Burnham Junior Cougars Reds
Aylesbury United Juniors 2 v 3 Chalfont Wasps
Bracknell Town East Berks Div A Result not received Hughenden Valley
Bracknell Town Surrey Youth Blues GNP Gerrards Cross & Fulmer
Burnham Junior Cougars Blue Result not received Marlow Youth
FC Holyport 15 v 0 Penn & Tylers Green FC Colts
Finchampstead Sharks 0 v 11 Penn & Tylers Green FC
Holmer Green Minors Result not received Wendover Juniors
Langley Hornets Result not received Sandhurst Boys & Girls
Maidenhead Boys & Girls Santo 0 v 22 Downley Dynamos
Marlow United Tigers 4 v 0 Risborough Rangers
Widmer End United 3 v 4 Flackwell Heath Minors
Windsor FC Youth Swallow Raiders 1 v 4 Slough Town Youth

Under 14's Oxfordshire County Cup 1st Round

Thame Boys 3 5 Florence Park Boys

Under 14's Division 1

Taplow United Youth GNP Cookham Dean

Under 14's Division 2

Aylesbury FC GNP Harefield Youth Reds
Beaconsfield Town FC 3 v 4 Penn & Tylers Green FC Rangers

Under 14's Division 3

Berkhamsted Raiders Blue 0 v 3 Bedgrove Dynamos Youth
Chalfont Saints 3 v 7 Burnham Junior Cougars Green
Thame Youth 0 v 6 Chinnor Youth

Under 14's Division 4

AFC Lightning 1 v 10 Risborough Hawks
Harefield United 1 v 3 Wendover Junior Colts

Under 14's Division 5

Bedgrove Dynamos Colts 2 v 11 Hughenden Hawks
Marlow Royals 2 v 1 Bourne End JSC
Pitstone & Ivinghoe JFC 1 v 5 Crendon Corinthians
Widmer End Colts GNP Risborough Colts

Under 15's Berks & Bucks County Cup 1st Round

Bucks Pumas 2 v 14 Tattenhoe Youth Panthers
FAB Result not received George Green Juniors
Shenley Kestrels Result not received Prestwood Colts

Under 15's Hertfordshire County Cup Preliminary Round

Hemel Hempsted Town Youth Red 2 v 3 Berkhamsted Raiders Purple

Under 15's Oxfordshire County Cup 1st Round

Crowmarsh Youth Boys & Girls Result not received Chinnor Youth

Under 15's Division 1

Beaconsfield Town FC Result not received Haddenham Youth
Chalfont Saints Leopards 6 v 2 Bourne End JSC
Holmer Green Minors 2 v 1 Chalfont St Peter AFC
Ruislip Rangers FC Result not received Flackwell Heath Minors
Penn & Tylers Green FC GNP Thame Boys

Under 15's Division 2

Amersham Town 5 0 Burnham Junior Cougars White
Aylesbury United Juniors Result not received Crendon Corinthians
Hughenden Valley 9 v 0 Marlow Youth

Under 15's Division 3

Boyne Hill Lions 7 v 2 Naphill FC
FC Holyport 5 v 1 Tring Tornadoes Blue
Risborough Rangers 3 v 3 Chalfont Saints Lions

Under 15's Division 4

Bourne End JSC Colts 2 v 3 Seer Green United
Chesham Athletic 5 v 3 Marlow Town
Chesham United Youth 3 v 2 Downley Dynamos
Ruislip Rangers Colts 5 v 4 Pitstone & Ivinghoe

Under 15's Division 5

Gerrards Cross & Fulmer 4 v 1 Holmer Green Colts
Tring Tornadoes White 4 v 8 Bookerhill
Wendover Junior Colts 1 v 1 Risborough Colts

Under 16's Division 1

Bucks CC FC 9 v 0 Wendover Juniors
Chinnor Youth 2 v 3 Harefield United
Thame Boys 0 v 2 Ruislip Rangers FC
Windsor FC Youth Mudlarks Blue 4 v 2 Marlow Youth

Under 16's Division 2

Bourne End JSC 6 v 3 Explorers FC
Delaford Colts 2 v 1 Chesham United Youth
Heathrow Club Youth 1 v 0 Bedgrove Dynamos Youth
Widmer End United v Downley Dynamos

Under 16's Division 3

AFC Lightning 1 v 1 Beaconsfield Town FC
Amersham Town Cancelled Tring Tornadoes Red
Amersham Town have withdrawn from the League
Taplow United Youth 4 v 2 Harefield United Whites

Under 16's Division 4

Burnham Junior Lynx Red 1 v 2 Naphill FC
Flackwell Heath Scorpions 0 v 1 Pitstone & Ivinghoe JFC
Hughenden Valley 4 v 2 Risborough Rangers
Seer Green United 10 v 2 Haddenham Youth

Under 16's Division 5

Chesham Athletic Result not received Chalfont St Peter AFC
Chesham United Clarets 4 v 4 Lane End Youth
Crendon Corinthians 4 v 3 Widmer End Colts
Tring Tornadoes Blue 0 v 9 Berkhamsted Raiders Blue

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