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League Tables 2016 /2017

Click your own League table for your division to see Games Played, Games Won, Games Drawn, Games Lost and Points. If you are not sure which division your team is in see the full list of teams in their divisions. Awarded matches are counted in the Won/Lost/Played columns of the League Tables.

Under 16 Under 15 Under 14 Under 13 Under 12
U16 Division 1 U15 Division 1 U14 Division 1 U13 Division 1 U12 Division 1
U16 Division 2 U15 Division 2 U14 Division 2 U13 Division 2
U16 Division 3 U15 Division 3 U14 Division 3 U13 Division 3
U16 Division 4 U15 Division 4 U14 Division 4 U13 Division 4
U16 Division 5 U15 Division 5 U14 Division 5 U13 Division 5

June 2017 - Ties for positions in League tables resolved

When there is a tie for places in the tables, "Games-in-hand" is taken into account and then clubs are shown in alphabetic order during the playing season. At the end of the season ties for promotion and relegations depend on play back records, not goal differences. In two of the U13 tables we've had ties for first place. These are resolved by the constitution as : -

  • U13 Division 1 Winners: Wendover Juniors. Runners Up: Boyne Hill Warriors
  • U13 Division 3 Winners: Hughenden Valley: Runners Up: Chinnor Youth

There are also a couple of ties for third and second to bottom position.

  • U14 Division 3 Second Bottom: Bedgrove Dynamos Youth, not Thame Youth
  • U16 Division 4 Second Bottom: Pitstone & Ivinghoe JFC, not Risborough Rangers

The tables have been updated to reflect these final positions. Positions in other divisions have not altered since tables were completed on 4th June. Click here to see more about the League promotion and relegation rules.

During the playing season results that are telephoned in on Sunday to the Fixtures Secretary are listed on this website later in the evening. League tables on this website are calculated and updated by the end of Sunday night (most weeks). Match Cards are received later in the week through the post and if they differ from the results that were telephoned in, then discrepencies are picked up and League tables corrected at various times.