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With over 250,000 visits per year, this web site is a great way to promote to Coaches, Club Officials, parents, players and Team Managers of junior soccer teams in South Buckinghamshire. Banner advertisements are available on each page top on this website, in a position immediately visible to visitors without them having to scroll down.


Prices include the option for you to change the Banner Advertisement twice during the year for seasonal or promotion campaigns.

  • Home page: £110 per year
  • Multi page sections on the website are available
    • Cups section (multiple pages) £99 per year
    • Council section (multiple pages including Constitution, Minutes, Fines) £99 per year
    • Fixtures pages: Please enquire
  • A few niche or specialist pages are also available. Please enquire if there is a specific page you are interested in.

Pricing is based on our standard size of 120 pixels wide by 60 pixels tall, though larger slots are available on some pages at premium.

Discounts available for:-

  • taking two or more sections or
  • allowing your Banner Advertisment to rotate with other advertisers

Short term adverts

3 month adverts available at 50% of the annual price, but please note visits are seasonal.

Web site stats.

Monthly visitors, measured across the entire website, are:-

Small Adverts

for players wanted (Member clubs only). Prices from £10, more ...

Banner Advertisement artwork

This is the eye-catching button that visitors will click on to find out more. For those that already have Banner Advertisement artwork we can use it in either GIF or JPG format providing it is 14KB or less. For other options please enquire.

If this is the first time you've tried to attract visitors to your own web site, you'll probably need a Banner Advertisement artwork created for you, possibly including a right to use the artwork in your advertising on other websites. If you don't already have a designer to do this we can do it for you with prices starting from £40. For animated or complex banners please ask for a price

You can get enquiries even if you don't have a website!

If you only have an email address then we can arrange for a mini-web site for you including an online enquiry form that feeds your email address. Prices start from as little as £80 for a working solution.

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After you press "Send", you will automatically get a confirmation page to say your form went in. You will normally be contacted within a few days. The League reserves the right to not accept advertising for certain goods or services, but in these cases will advise before payment is made. Thanks.