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When there is a tie for places in the tables, clubs are shown in alphabetic order because in these situations promotion and relegations depend on play back records, not goal differences. Click here to see more about the League promotion and relegation rules.

U15 Division 3 League Table

Chinnor Youth 33009
Chalfont Saints Lions31114
Berkhamsted Raiders PURPLE11003
Fc Holyport11003
Tring Tornadoes Blue31023
Bucks Pumas20111
Risborough Rangers30121

Valid Thu, 20th Oct 16

League match results U15 Division 3

Berkhamsted Raiders PURPLE U15 6 v 1 Naphill U15 9th Oct 2016
Bucks Pumas U15 3 v 6 Chinnor Youth U15 9th Oct 2016
Risborough Rangers U15 2 v 6 Tring Tornadoes Blue U15 9th Oct 2016
Chinnor Youth U15 6 v 3 Risborough Rangers U15 2nd Oct 2016
Naphill U15 5 v 5 Bucks Pumas U15 2nd Oct 2016
Tring Tornadoes Blue U15 0 v 2 Chalfont Saints Lions U15 2nd Oct 2016
Fc Holyport U15 5 v 1 Tring Tornadoes Blue U15 25th Sep 2016
Risborough Rangers U15 3 v 3 Chalfont Saints Lions U15 25th Sep 2016
Chalfont Saints Lions U15 2 v 3 Chinnor Youth U15 4th Sep 2016

Results that are telephoned in on Sunday to the Fixtures Secretary are listed on this website later in the evening (most weeks). League tables on this website are calculated and updated in the following 24 hours. Match Cards are received later in the week through the post and if they differ from the results that were telephoned in, then discrepencies are picked up and League tables corrected at various times.