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Players Wanted
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Players Wanted

  • Applications only accepted from officers of clubs which are members of our League. External commercial companies click here .
  • The League deadline to register or transfer players is 1st February. It is also the deadline to renew previously released players
  • If you choose to advertise on the website the cost is £10 per 3 months for a 240 character advert.
  • Listings are updated several times a week during the playing season, and every Wednesday out of season. To get adverts posted quickly it is essential to pay online.
  • Links to other sites are generally not accepted under this scheme unless already on the (free) Member Club Website link list.
  • If you want to know how many visitors see the Players Wanted page each day, click here.

Advert Detail to be published (240 characters maximum please) :-

Your name, email or phone number may be made public if you include it in this box above. Alternatives are turn up at training, or visit club website.

The information below is for us to communicate with you, but will not be published in the advert (unless you also included it in the Advert Detail above).

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I agree to pay £10 for the 3 month advert on the League website