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2016/17 Fixture Rearrangements list 25

Club Secretaries should sign in to submit a Postponment notice to the League. Please note a postponing club should also inform the opponents of the postponement, regardless of how far in advance the notice is.

Venue New Date Previous Date
Amersham Town
15(1) Penn & Tylers Green FC (Away) 28th May 2nd April
Aylesbury United Juniors
15(2) Hughenden Valley (Home) 26th Feb 26th March
Bedgrove Dynamos
12(9x9) Downley Dynamos (Home) 5th March 12th March
12(9x9) Prestwood Colts (Away) 26th March 5th March
Bedgrove Dynamos Youth
14(3) Marlow Youth (Home) 26th Feb 12th March
Berkhamsted Raiders Blue
14(3) Thame Boys (Home) 26th Feb 5th March
14(3) Burnham Junior Cougars Green (Away) 5th March 19th March
14(3) Chinnor Youth (Away) 30th April 26th Feb
Berkhamsted Raiders Purple
15(3) FC Holyport (Away) 12th March 12th Feb
Boyne Hill Warriors
13(1) Wendover Juniors (Home) 26th Feb 23rd April
Bucks Pumas
15(3) Tring Tornadoes Blue (Home) 26th Feb 19th March
15(3) Chinnor Youth (Away) 19th March 2nd April
15(3) FC Holyport (Away) 2nd April 26th Feb
Burnham Junior Cougars Green
14(3) Berkhamsted Raiders Blue (Home) 5th March 19th March
Chalfont Saints Leopards
15(1) Thame Boys (Away) 26th Feb 2nd April
Chalfont Saints Lions
15(3) Naphill FC (Away) 26th March 2nd April
Chalfont Wasps
13(1) Risborough Rangers (Home) 26th Feb 26th March
13(1) Wendover Juniors (Away) 5th March 26th Feb
13(1) Holmer Green Minors (Home) 21st May 5th March
Chesham United Clarets
12(9x9) Prestwood Colts (Away) 5th March 12th Feb
Chesham United Youth
15(4) Downley Dynamos (Away) 19th March 12th Feb
Chinnor Youth
14(3) Berkhamsted Raiders Blue (Home) 30th April 26th Feb
15(3) Tring Tornadoes Blue (Home) 12th March 12th Feb
15(3) Bucks Pumas (Home) 19th March 2nd April
Delaford Colts
16(2) Heathrow Club Youth (Home) 21st May 12th Feb
Downley Dynamos
12(9x9) Bedgrove Dynamos (Away) 5th March 12th March
15(4) Chesham United Youth (Home) 19th March 12th Feb
FC Holyport
15(3) Risborough Rangers (Home) 26th Feb 5th March
15(3) Berkhamsted Raiders Purple (Home) 12th March 12th Feb
15(3) Bucks Pumas (Home) 2nd April 26th Feb
Flackwell Heath Minors
13(3) Risborough Rangers United (Home) 23rd April 26th Feb
Harefield United
16(1) Marlow Youth (Home) 26th Feb 2nd April
Heathrow Club Youth
16(2) Delaford Colts (Away) 21st May 12th Feb
Holmer Green Minors
13(LCQF) Risborough Rangers (Away) 5th March 26th Feb
13(1) Chalfont Wasps (Away) 21st May 5th March
15(1) Ruislip Rangers FC (Home) 19th March 12th Feb
Hughenden Valley
15(2) Aylesbury United Juniors (Away) 26th Feb 26th March
15(2) Prestwood Colts (Home) 26th March 7th May
Marlow Royals
13(4) Wycombe Saints Colts (Home) 7th May 12th March
Marlow Youth
14(3) Bedgrove Dynamos Youth (Away) 26th Feb 12th March
16(1) Harefield United (Away) 26th Feb 2nd April
Naphill FC
15(3) Chalfont Saints Lions (Home) 26th March 2nd April
Penn & Tylers Green FC
15(1) Amersham Town (Home) 28th May 2nd April
Prestwood Colts
12(9x9) Chesham United Clarets (Home) 5th March 12th Feb
12(9x9) Bedgrove Dynamos (Home) 26th March 5th March
15(2) Hughenden Valley (Away) 26th March 7th May
Risborough Rangers
13(LCQF) Holmer Green Minors (Home) 5th March 26th Feb
13(1) Chalfont Wasps (Away) 26th Feb 26th March
15(3) FC Holyport (Away) 26th Feb 5th March
Risborough Rangers United
13(3) Flackwell Heath Minors (Away) 23rd April 26th Feb
Ruislip Rangers FC
15(1) Holmer Green Minors (Away) 19th March 12th Feb
16(1) Thame Boys (Home) 5th March 12th Feb
Thame Boys
14(3) Berkhamsted Raiders Blue (Away) 26th Feb 5th March
15(1) Chalfont Saints Leopards (Home) 26th Feb 2nd April
16(1) Ruislip Rangers FC (Away) 5th March 12th Feb
Tring Tornadoes Blue
15(3) Bucks Pumas (Away) 26th Feb 19th March
15(3) Chinnor Youth (Away) 12th March 12th Feb
Wendover Juniors
13(1) Boyne Hill Warriors (Away) 26th Feb 23rd April
13(1) Chalfont Wasps (Home) 5th March 26th Feb
Wycombe Saints Colts
13(4) Marlow Royals (Away) 7th May 12th March