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Player Registration

Briefing for managers and officials that are new to the League was on 17th July 2018 at 8pm at Flackwell Heath FC. It featured the Managers Guidelines which can be downloaded here.

In order to play your first match you will need to have 11 players registered with the league 14 days before the date of your first match. This year the scheduled start date is 9th September 2018. Therefore the date for having 11 players registered is 26th August 2018.

Registration needs to be completed on the Whole Game System. Your club will decide who will do this, whether it will be you as a manager, or the club appoint a Registrations Officer. For this league to register a player you will need a photograph plus 1 proof of Identity, which can be

· A copy of the birth certificate or

· A copy of their passport or

· A copy of their medical card

· A copy of the league player registration card from last season

Each age group will have a separate Registration Officer. The Registration officers for this league are the age group reps and are listed in an email sent out to clubs.

Players wishing to transfer tfrom one club to another club shoud do so before 1st March.